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March 7, 2011
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TBOS-OCT-Daniel: Char Sheet by Rosemarri TBOS-OCT-Daniel: Char Sheet by Rosemarri
Warning! This is reeeeeally long! So if you're not interested in reading about the young man pictured above, skip to the explanation at the end. Thank you and have a great day!

Name: Daniel
Age: Eighteen
Physical Description: 5'6, slim and delicate-looking, but corded with muscle. Black eyes, black hair, pale skin. Shape of a wheel branded on his left wrist.
Chosen By: Lady Ink
Gift Description: Construct of Flame.

Danny is a very quiet youth, observant and intelligent. He's generally cheerful and optimistic, but can be impulsive at times. He thinks carefully before he speaks and exhibits a wisdom beyond his years. He can be easily distracted by puzzles and challenges of intellect; and when he sets his mind on something very little else can dislodge it. He can learn very quickly, and has an astounding memory. He's very adaptable, but doesn't feel comfortable unless he's got at least one knife on him somewhere.

Danny is small and slight for his age, due to a wasting sickness he contracted when he was young. So although he is eighteen, he appears to be about fifteen, and is constantly underestimated by people. He has an open, almost sweet face, with black hair and large, dark eyes. He prefers to wear loose, nondescript clothing and forgoes armor for freedom of movement. His speed is uncanny, even for Sovereigns. Being so small and light, he is adept at stealth.

At the age of five, Daniel and his parents fell ill to a terrible plague that was sweeping the land. His parents kept young Danny alive by giving him their food, keeping his strength up. But in the end, they died, leaving Danny alone. Even at the age of five, he understood and valued their sacrifice. He became an orphan, wandering the gutters of the Imperial City for three months before the Emperor's servants passed by.

They noticed the waif by the roadside, noted the spark of fire in his eyes.

In the Empire, the Emperor's servants scour the land for individuals with potential, but without the opportunity or circumstances to bring that potential to culmination. They take in the unwanted, the abused, those who are suffering in poverty. But only those who show that potential for greatness. Danny was taken by these men, to train to become a champion for the Emperor, a Sovereign. One of an elite few who serve the Emperor as an adopted member of his family. The training is rigorous, in both the mental and physical. Most do not pass the first tests. Those who do are sent to the Cormancy to begin their Sovereign training, usually between the ages of four and six.

The first level of training is mostly education, in history and the nature of sorcery, the evil magic of contacting and manipulating spirits of the dead. They are also taught the basics of self-defense and military strategy, self-discipline and mental toughness. The nature of the instruction is very pro-Empire, and teaches of the evils of sorcery and instilled in Daniel a deep loyalty for the Emperor, the man who saved him and made it possible for him to excel. The second tier of training is more physical, while still continuing education. Physical toughness is practically beaten into the young trainees, who at this point are usually twelve to fifteen years old. Although the training is harsh, it's meant to prepare them for the third and final level of the training.

The final level of training is what makes a Sovereign elite, so even the best warriors in the world can't stand up to them. The initiates are whittled down to a select few, and are pushed beyond the limits of human endurance. Daniel was taught to focus his mind and body to such a degree that he could do almost anything. He concentrated on speed and stealth, his forte's, and could move swifter than a wolf, more silent than a bird's whispering wings. Although he had never been very strong due to his stunted growth, he made up for it with his cunning and speed. He couldn't land a devastating blow with a sword or exhibit feats of brute strength like most other Sovereigns, but he could be just as devastating with a small knife and his blinding speed.

At this level of training the initiates are also taught woodworking and blacksmithing, and any other skills needed to fashion and care for a weapon or armor. At the end of the third level, every remaining trainee must forge their own weapon or piece of armor, to be theirs and theirs alone. Danny forged a pair of beautiful throwing daggers. He shaped the gleaming metal into the forms of bird wings, giving the blade a slight serration at the tips of the feathers, and a graceful curve. Perfectly balanced, they are a tad longer than usual throwing knives, so they could also be used effectively in the hands. The hilts are narrow and short, so he could hold them in his fists, or with the blades protruding from his fingers, the pommels wrapped in leather and pressed against the heels of his hands. He named them Icarus Wings.

Initiates usually complete this stage of the training at their own pace, but instructors generally wait for a group of two or four to finish before bringing them before the Emperor.

At the age of eighteen, one of the few to pass so young, Danny knelt before the Emperor with two other initiates and spoke the oath, binding himself to the land and to the Emperor. He received the Imperial crest, the emblem of a wheel, branded onto his left wrist. Taught during the training to ignore pain, he didn't even bat an eye. The Emperor embraced him and kissed him on the cheek, making official his adoption into the royal family.

Now Daniel is engaged in his duties as a Sovereign, performing missions for the Emperor that require his unique set of skills.

Danny possesses inhuman strength and speed due to the relentless Sovereign training. He is a master of silent killing, the art of hunting by hearing alone and killing without a sound. His perception is sharp. His skill with throwing knives has been honed to near-perfection, and he keeps many regular-sized throwing knives concealed in his clothing along with his Icarus Wings, which are strapped to his back.

Being able to focus his mind and body so that he can push himself beyond human thresholds, Daniel is capable of many seemingly impossible things. His strength flows directly from his willpower; his discipline allows him to continue to push his body when others would quit. Although he is hampered by his small stature, and cannot leap to a rooftop with a single bound like most Sovereigns, he can do it in several smaller leaps up the building itself, and still get there at the same time as the one who bounds. He has trained hard to overcome his weakness, and the last of it was beaten from him in the third level of the training. His body is a perfectly honed weapon, at the peak of physical fitness.

Construct of Flame. A little flame that can become a candle, a torch, or a roaring inferno.

My comments:
This is part one of my audition for the TBOS-OCT :icontbos-oct:, a tournament that I'm really excited about! You guys should check it out, and audition! It looks WAY fun, and there are prizes if you win.

Danny here is one of my OC's from an online role-play I'm in. This will be a great chance to develop him and learn more about storytelling. Plus, I like writing him, he's sweet.

Wish me luck, I hope I get in!
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I hope you WIN! :D
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(before you check it out - I haven't submitted my charas already, still writing at the intro... )
Conclusion: I love your chara!!
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Cool character. Btw, does he kill his enemies in battle? :o Just curious. :3
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