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Patron OCT Audition
Aleister had only just settled down to try and get some rest when distressed shouts and cries reached his ears. It was an insufferably hot morning, he had just had a long and muggy night, and he was actually looking forward to a few hours lying on the cool concrete in the warehouse. Staying where he was in the back corner of Darby Auto Factory, hunched in his ratty cloak, he listened as the cries rapidly spread. "Dead! He's dead! Midnight Strike is dead!"
Children were crying. Women were wailing. Men were mourning. The beloved Patron of Diesel City was gone; they had good reason. Aleister was pretty upset himself. He had never shed a tear; he figured that somehow the condition of his eyes prevented it. But if he could have, he would have.
Like many of the poor people of Westside, Aleister had met Midnight Strike. The amiable Patron had wished him luck, a fellow Super beginning to come into his own. He had given Aleister an easy smile, friendly pointers, a hero to look up to.
Aleister g
:iconrosemarri:Rosemarri 1 2
Patron OCT Character Sheet
Name: Aleister Ralonian
Super alias: Sightless Slice
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 average
Build: Thin, with knobby elbows and knees. Awkward growing stage.
Skin: Pimply and adolescent, pale because of his nightly activities. There are lilac circles beneath his eyes, though he covers his eyes as a matter of course. He has trouble sleeping, as he can't turn his power on and off.
Hair: Dark and cut close to his scalp.
Eyes: Gray.
Other defining features: His eyes have no whites, pupils, or irises. They are just flat gray.
Clothing: He dresses in ratty clothing befitting a beggar, frayed and ill-fitting, all covered by a torn cloak that he knots around his neck. He sows leather-lined pockets into the inside of his sleeves, the outsides of his pant-legs and the inside of the cloak, so he has a safe place to put all the little sharp bits he collects. He wears a strip of dark cloth over his eyes.
Overview: Aleister
:iconrosemarri:Rosemarri 1 5


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Unfinished Rosemarri Roleplay part one
Twin moons rose high over a lonely peak, a single wind whipping and changing directions around it, first north, then south, then west and easy, then up in a tornado and down in raining showers. The clouds progressed unperturbed across the skyline under this, and the light revealed a plain running into woods.
Two eyes glowed in the darkness and the brilliant starlight.
A lone figure scuttled through the scattered rainfall, following a faint path running across the plain, headed for the woods. Grass rustled in the wind; the light illuminated the long strands of grass lying across the little path, trampled in the half-dry mud. He was shrouded in an enveloping cloak and bog hood, and carried with him a large, clinking satchel. The figure was apparently trying to move stealthily, with unpracticed, clumsy steps. His heavy bag giving off tempting clinking noises with every step really wasn't helping.
A light set of footfalls danced against the ground and smoke like a signal fire billowed thro
:iconlesieur:LeSieur 1 2



United States

Current Residence: Chocolate City, Utah
Favourite genre of music: All exept rap
Personal Quote: The epicness!
Hi folks. Pleading to your sympathies as a financially struggling college student, I am going to open for commissions now.

$4.00 per full-body sketch, $3.00 per additional character.
$3.00 per bust or medium shot.
Cain by Rosemarri   Paul by Rosemarri

$5.00 per full-body sketch, $4.00 per additional character.
$4.00 per bust or medium shot.
Ariadne by Rosemarri   Arkeal again by Rosemarri
$10.00 Fully Colored with simple background, $5.00 per additional character.
L the Masque by Rosemarri

Payment through Paypal only.
Payment comes before the picture.
Copy of picture will be sent to your e-mail once the art is done.
No porn/yaoi/heavy gore. Can do light gore; Open to discussion.
No mecha or robots.
No backgrounds except where listed as an exception.

If you want to contact me, email me at with your request, since my access to DeviantArt has become infrequent because of internet blocks at my place of residence. I would appreciate it if this email is used for business emails only. Thanks!
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  • Reading: Captain Nemo
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